Lime Plastering

Plastering services tailored to your needs

Serving areas across Somerset and Devon, we take great pride in all aspects of work we complete, be it a small repair job to a completely new build. Specialising in lime plastering now for over a decade, you can be confident that we will produce a finished job that will last and look great for years to come.

Traditional hand applied lime plaster using horse hair in the base coats.
I do not charge VAT on my labour.

Exterior rendering

Our Lime Renders are Breathable and Flexible, allowing damp to escape and minimising cracks due to building movement. We offer several options for render finishes to suit customers taste or building requirements. Whether you need external rendering on your new build or repairs to your existing one, we can help.

Interior lime plastering and lime washing

Breathable, Flexible, and Attractive internal Lime Plaster applied sympathetically will give the curves and undulations of your home the most amazingly soft and warm look, finished with a Limewash of your choice. This ensures maximum breathability for years to come.